Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Charming Gifts to Group Along with Flowers

Arrangement of orange roses, green hydrangea and starburst lilies


You already know you want to impress someone, so of course, you’re going to buy them gorgeous, fresh flowers. But, if you are also thinking of including a little something extra with those flowers, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Flowers by Leslie, Portsmouth’s premier florist, we have an assortment of unique and one-of-kind gifts to choose from. For more ideas, our gift-giving experts curated the perfect list of great gifts that pair well with flowers.

Top Gifts to Pair With Flowers

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Homemade Dinner

Imagine your favorite meal prepared homemade by your loved one and how it lights up your soul. Returning the favor, especially if they are typically the one to make dinner, shows how much you appreciate them. A dinner for two is romantic itself, but when a lavish floral arrangement is a centerpiece as well as a gift for them, the “wow” factor is turned all the way up.

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Spa Essentials

Pretty and great-smelling spa essentials like soaps, face masks, bath bombs, and lotions are always welcomed with open arms. When paired with flowers, this makes the perfect gift for that special person who could use a little rest and relaxation. As all of their stress melts away during their own at-home spa day, a lovely floral bouquet will reinvigorate them with uplifting and positive energy.

Artisan Chocolates

A remarkable gift like beautiful, fresh flowers delivers an equally remarkable addition which you’ll find in gourmet hand-crafted chocolates, sweet treats, and other delicious goodies. It’s a match made in heaven that has been seen as the perfect pair for centuries. There is nothing better than indulging your taste buds, eyes, and nose in some of life’s greatest pleasures.


Did you know that books and flowers have a lot in common? Both have the ability to transport you to a new world, open your eyes to something new, and captivate your attention. Whether you opt for a novel by their favorite author or a coffee table book about flowers, books are a brilliant gift to pair with their favorite blooms.


Jewelry is loved by everyone regardless of age, much like flowers are, so pairing these two gifts together doubles the excitement. Match the look and feel of their floral arrangement with the look and feel of their jewelry. For instance, classic diamond earrings or a diamond necklace are perfect to go along with a timeless bouquet of roses, and floral-inspired jewelry pieces will surely go along with any colorful arrangement.


Wine is an obvious choice to pair with flowers, but you could turn this pairing from “nice” to “wow” by putting a little thought into it. For example, choose flowers whose aromas will enhance the flavor of the wine, or choose a wine that brings our the colors and essence of the flowers. A little research and some effort will make this gift combo a true stunner.

As you begin your search for the perfect surprise for your loved one, whether a birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift, or another special occasion, the experts here at Flowers by Leslie are ready to guide you to the best blooms as well as gifts!

Gift ideas to pair with flower bouquets