Long-lasting, thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

Favorites in Plants

Add a little greenery to your indoor space or porch, or send a plant as a thoughtful gift to a friend or loved one. Flowers by Leslie carries a variety of seasonal green and flowering plants ready for same-day delivery to Portsmouth, Kittery, Dover, Hampton, and surrounding communities. Order plants online or call us to inquire about specific plant varieties in stock. 

Sending Plants from Flowers by Leslie in Portsmouth, NH, embodies joy and symbolism, making it a meaningful gesture for various occasions. Plants are a living gift that grows and flourishes, symbolizing growth, endurance, and resilience. They offer a lasting reminder of the sender's thoughtfulness and the special moment being commemorated, whether it's a birthday, a new home, a job promotion, or simply an expression of care. Giving plants can enhance any environment, providing a touch of nature that improves air quality and boosts mood. Popular choices like peace lilies symbolize tranquility and rebirth, succulents represent enduring and timeless love, and orchids exude beauty and luxury. Each type of plant carries its message and aesthetic, catering to different tastes and spaces.

Flowers by Leslie expertly curates a variety of high-quality indoor plants that are easy to care for and suitable for both beginners and experienced plant lovers. Their selection ensures that you can find the perfect plant to convey your message and fit the recipient's lifestyle, making your gift both personal and practical. This thoughtful approach to gifting plants enriches relationships and brings a continuous sense of joy and beauty into everyday life.

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