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Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Flowers to Wear for Any Occasion

When you get dressed up for a special occasion, you might not always think about adding a wearable flower to your outfit, but corsages, boutonnieres, and other wearable floral designs are a great way to honor an important event or make a loved one feel extra-special. Our professional florists at Flowers by Leslie have put together an extensive guide to corsages, boutonnieres, and other wearable flowers, in addition to all the events and occasions around Porstmouth for when they’re appropriate.

Traditional Options for Wearable Flowers


The most popular choice of wearable flowers for a woman or girl is the corsage. A corsage features a small floral arrangement, usually accented with ribbons, attached to an elastic or cuff bracelet designed to be worn on the wrist.

dark, dramatic blue hydrangea and purple stock.

Feel the Beat Corsage

Fabulous fuchsia and white blooms with the subtle sparkle of rhinestones.

Fancy Orchids & Roses Wristlet

pretty in pink roses with delicate pink alstroemeria.

Beloved Blooms Corsage


Traditionally, men and boys wear boutonnieres, which are small floral bouquets that usually feature no more than three flowers. Boutonnieres are wrapped tightly and designed to be pinned to a jacket’s lapel. Women can also wear boutonnieres. Though boutonnieres designed for female recipients often include more flowers.

pale pink roses and pure white alstroemeria.

Call Me Darling Boutonniere

exotic mix of blue eryngium and pheasant feathers

Boho Dreams Boutonniere

purple orchids with red spray roses and hypericum.

Celebrity Style Boutonniere

Non-Traditional Boutonnieres and Corsage Alternatives

Women have copious choices when it comes to wearing flowers. There are myriads of designs for floral crowns and other types of floral hair accents. Flowers can be designed to attach to a dress, hanging across the back by attaching to straps or adorning a sash tied at the waist. There are also floral necklaces and anklets. If you’d like to stick with a corsage, but want a more modern take, we recommend wreath-style corsages, which are designed to wrap foliage all the way around the wrist.

Boutonnieres are pretty much the sole choice for men and boys, but there are lots of modern takes on the classic design. You can ask for succulents, instead of flowers. We also recommend adding feathers, leaves, berries, wheat, herbs, pearls, and other embellishments of your choice.

peach and coral florals in hair wreath

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

When Can You Wear or Give a Boutonniere, Corsage, or Other Wearable Flower?

While you might associate boutonnieres and corsages with wedding parties, wearable flowers are actually designed to honor any person who wears them. While they’re still appropriate for important people to wear on a wedding day, there are several other occasions and events when wearable flowers are appropriate.

Party or Special Event

Galas, fundraisers, award ceremonies, bridal or baby showers, and bachelorette parties are all important enough for a floral accent. If attending a fancy party or being honored at a special event, wearable flowers are definitely appropriate. They can help you feel extra-fancy or make an honored guest feel special and appreciated.

Dog wearing a garland of flowers around the neck.

Prom or Homecoming

Wearable flowers are traditionally exchanged between dates for formal high school dances. This is an extension of an age-old tradition of giving flowers to a person you love as a symbol of protection. Today, it’s a fun tradition that creates excitement and plenty of photo opportunities for parents. Male dates should be given a boutonniere, and female dates can be presented with a corsage or another type of wearable flower.


Any graduation day is an important celebration and life event. When crossing this milestone, wearable flowers are definitely appropriate. Why not show your pride by presenting your special graduate with a wearable flower for the big day? Consider a boutonniere, corsage, or floral decoration for a graduation cap for a woman or a boutonniere for a man.


You can make a birthday celebrant feel extra-loved with a wearable flower to help celebrate the occasion. Whether you’re throwing a party or going out for a fancy dinner and night out, the birthday boy or girl can celebrate in style with flowers.

Mother’s Day

Flowers of all kinds are appropriate on Mother’s Day. If you’ll be celebrating your mother in any special way, consider presenting her with a wrist corsage or boutonniere for her to wear to brunch, church, or to a picnic in the park.

Expertly Designed Corsages, Boutonnieres, and More!

If you or someone you love has a special event coming up, we can help you choose the best wearable flowers to celebrate the occasion. For expert advice and personalized assistance, when selecting a corsage, boutonniere, or other wearable flowers, we welcome you to stop by Flowers by Leslie flower shop!