Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Admired orchids like the Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, and Dendrobium can be found in a wide array of colors, from orange and yellow to purple and blue. While many of us are drawn to the orchid’s natural attractiveness, others are captivated by the symbolism each bloom carries. Here at Flowers by Leslie, the best florist in Portsmouth, we know orchids are truly special as they’re not only physically alluring, but represent things such as charm, love, thoughtfulness, refinement, and more. 

As each orchid color is connected to a unique symbol and meaning, we’re excited to share with you which marvelous hue might be best for your next celebration. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby to the world, saying “thank you” to a respected boss, or simply want to spread joy and love, you can never go wrong with an orchid.

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The Symbolism of Orchids by Color

Blue Orchids

Blue orchids are the perfect gift to give someone that you would describe as beautiful but in their own unique way. Just like the blue orchid symbolizes, this uncommon yet natural beauty is what makes both this flower and that person special. Aside from uniqueness, rarity, and beauty, blue orchids are also a symbol of spirituality.

Red Orchids

As a bold red flower, it may not come as a surprise to learn that red orchids are a symbol for things like love, passion, strength, and desire. Red orchids are the ideal choice for your love. Historically, orchids have also been connected with strength and courage. The Aztecs would even drink an elixir of orchids and chocolate hoping to enhance these qualities in themselves.

Pink Orchids

Joy, happiness, innocence, grace, and fertility are all included in the symbolism of pink orchids. These sweet blooms are great for celebrating new babies, expecting mothers, and growing families. In addition, pink orchids represent playfulness, gentleness, and romance.

White Orchids

White is a universal symbol of purity, and white orchids are no exception. This refreshing bloom also symbolizes beauty, elegance, innocence, humility, faith, and safety. If you’re looking for a unique flower for your wedding, place of worship, or even your home, a white orchid may be a perfect choice.

Purple Orchids

While the color purple is a symbol of wealth and class, purple orchids follow suit by symbolizing royalty, authority, and respect. This bold bloom also represents admiration and dignity, making it a suitable choice for teachers, bosses, parents, and grandparents.

Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids are a brilliant symbol of joy, friendship, and new beginnings. It’s the perfect bloom to spread cheer, celebrate your friendships, or help someone enjoy a new chapter in their life. Send a yellow orchid to a long-distance friend or a loved one who just began a new job or relocated, to brighten their day.

Orange Orchids

Sending orange orchids to friends and family is sure to spark some enthusiasm and pride, which are two wonderful symbols of this particular flower. Inspire fresh motivation by bringing in an orange orchid to brighten up your office or workspace. You’re sure to feel more enthusiastic and a deeper sense of pride in your work.

Green Orchids

As green is the color of harmony and luck, green orchids symbolize good health, longevity, good fortune, blessings, and nature. If you visit Japan, you are sure to see green orchids in offices and homes to help bring some good fortune to their careers and lives. Green orchids are a great gift for someone in need of some extra luck and blessings.

No matter their vivid hue, orchids remain a symbol of charm, love, beauty, thoughtfulness, refinement, and fertility. These fresh flowers are sure to be an awe-inspiring gesture for your next special occasion. Find the best blooms and marvelous orchids here at Flowers by Leslie.