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The Most Beautiful Symbolic Baby Names Inspired by Flora and Foliage

Finding the perfect name for a new bundle of joy that is rich with meaning, beauty, strength, and joy is no small task. Since there are an infinite amount of names to choose from, and knowing this name will last a lifetime, you may feel overwhelmed or stuck. Here at Flowers by Leslie, the top florist in Portsmouth, these feelings always lead us to Mother Nature. In this case, finding inspiration within the natural world around us can help us seek out a flawless name for a new little one – whether that be a new baby boy or girl or a beloved new fur baby. No matter if you’re looking for a name that is old and classic or different and modern, whether masculine or feminine, we have curated a fantastic list of symbolic baby names inspired by botanicals.

Names Connected to Happiness

When it comes to choosing a name that exudes happiness, flowers and other botanicals offer a delightful array of options for children and pets. Sweet Pea, reminiscent of the delicate and fragrant bloom, symbolizes tenderness and brings a touch of sweetness to your little one. Clementine, whether like the pale orange flower or juicy citrus fruit, embodies a zest for life and adds cheerful energy to their identity. Asher, a name inspired by the ash tree, translates to “happy” in Hebrew and radiates a sense of contentment and optimism. These lovely botanical-inspired names are sure to infuse your child’s life with positivity, joy, and optimism.

Names to Symbolize Love

While gazing upon your newborn, you are filled with an overwhelming sense of love. It seems natural to want to bestow a name upon them that embodies this powerful sentiment. Rose, a name that has long been associated with love and passion, could be an ideal choice. Lily, another name that carries the essence of purity and devotion, could also be a beautiful moniker. Leif, a boy’s name of Scandinavian origin, elegantly signifies the inheritance of love. If you’re looking for another classic botanical name, Violet, with its connection to faithfulness and everlasting affection, could be a wonderful option.

Names Linked to Beauty

The birth of a child is a miraculous event, and giving your baby a name that represents this wondrous beauty as well as the beauty they offer to the world is quite celebratory. Daisy, an old classic floral name, is synonymous with innocence and beauty. Calla, stemming from the calla lily, translates to “beautiful” in Greek. Jasmine is another flora-inspired moniker that means “gift from God” in Persian and symbolizes grace and elegance.

Names Signifying Strength

There are so many names from nature that means strength yet sound graceful and unique. These names, whether they’re inspired by the most unyielding flower or the strongest tree, can help your child grow up to be brave and determined or perfectly represent your fearless pet. Check out names like Adler, named after the adler tree, Asher, named after the ash tree, Briar, named after the briar plant, and Reed, named after the reed plant. All of these names are synonymous with strength, protection, might, flexibility, and the ability to adapt. You could also consider lovely flower names like Iris, Yarrow, and Zinnia, which also stand for strength, power, faith, courage, and the ability to bounce back from challenging times.

Names Representing Creativity

If you have a love for all things creative and different, then the perfect name for your child will also be quite unique and inspired by the creativity of Mother Nature. Poppy, for example, is a symbol of imagination, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. Dahlia and Marigold are two other symbolic monikers that represent creativity, elegance, and passion. Finally, for a more masculine name that is suitable for your one-of-a-kind bundle of joy is Cosmo. While this bloom is delicate, it has a strong meaning and signifies inspiration and the limitless possibilities of the universe.

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby or welcoming home a new pet is a joyous occasion, and flowers can add a touch of beauty and meaning to the experience. From delicate buds to lush blooms, flowers have long been associated with growth, love, and new beginnings. So, whether you incorporate a floral element into your child’s name or simply decorate your home with fresh blooms from Flowers by Leslie, embracing the wonder and symbolism of nature will make this precious moment even more special.