Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Tips for Turning Up The Creativity at Your Next BBQ

As you begin to plan the menu for your highly anticipated annual cookout, you also want to plan your decor to ensure your atmosphere reflects the perfect mood and tone for your gathering. From selecting the perfect seasonal blooms to arranging and displaying them in an eye-catching way, there is so much to consider when utilizing floral in your BBQ decor. Luckily, your friends here at Flowers by Leslie, the top florist in Portsmouth, are honored to share a few suggestions and ideas when it comes to creating fun and brilliant floral arrangements. 

Our Favorite Tips for Styling the Best Backyard Cookout

Colorful flowers in tin cans

Upcycle Old Cans & Bottles

From tin cans, mason jars, soda bottles, teacups, and other vintage or recycled vases, the sky’s the limit when it comes to displaying fresh summer flowers. If you’re like us and love a day full of arts and crafts and DIY projects, you will enjoy embellishing old bottles and cans to seamlessly match your BBQ theme and other decor items. Gather some burlap, twine, eye-catching ribbon, bright paint colors, and other fun accessories to add that pop of color your backyard needs.

Large pink flower arrangement on food table

Display a Monochromatic Statement Piece

Another favorite trend that gives us inspiration, is having one large monochromatic floral arrangement as the main focal point for your backyard BBQ decor. With a mix of fresh summer blooms of all one color, this statement piece is sure to complement the rest of the decor seamlessly for a beautiful and stylish outdoor atmosphere. You can either keep the monochromatic theme and continue using one color throughout your event or choose a second complementary color to play with for a vibrant yet sleek look.

Yellow flowers hanging in glass vases

Hang Seasonal Blooms from Branches

Hanging string lights and café bulbs from tree branches and hooks around your backyard creates a warm, romantic, and marvelous atmosphere. Add an additional element of whimsy and color by adorning these tree branches, hooks, and other unique places with small hanging bottles and vases of fresh flowers. As the sun lights up the floral décor or sets in the evening, you and your guests will enjoy the wonderful views from above.

White flowers in green bud vases

Incorporate a Collection of Bud Vases

Another fantastic way to spice up your backyard cookout décor is with chic, artistic, and vintage bud vases filled with your favorite summer flowers. Collect an array of glass bottles that vary in style, size, and shape and arrange an assortment of greenery and blooms to create unique and eclectic pieces of décor. Scatter your mini arrangements among food and guest tables, position a bunch in the center for an eye-catching centerpiece, or down the length of the table for a twist on a classic table runner.

Best Flowers for Your Backyard BBQ Decor

As fantastic seasonal flowers are an essential piece of décor for your backyard BBQ, we have a few suggestions that can stay vibrant and fresh all day, even under the summer sun. Consider plants and blooms such as:

Wax flowers









The decor and overall atmosphere of your cookout will certainly set and inspire the mood and tone of your evening with loved ones. While you enjoy sharing the company of your friends and family, ensure the day is truly special and accented with your stamp of creativity. For the best blooms of the summer, reach out to your friends here at Flowers by Leslie

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