Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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The Sophisticated Allure of Pastel Flowers

All of the styles and colors of spring flowers are beautiful, but quite often the pastels get overlooked in favor of the brighter blooms. However, pastel-colored flowers have their own special quality of muted expressions, alluring and intimate feelings of love, as well as providing a calming and soothing element. The reason why pastels are so popular during Easter is because the gentle shades of light pinks, blues, greens, peach, and yellows make you cheerful and elevate spirits but in a gentle way.

Here at Flowers by Leslie, the best florist with flower delivery in Portsmouth, with we love working with pastels to create stunning and unique arrangements with the splendor Mother Nature provides us during this time of year. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

Our Favorite Pastel Colored Flowers


Light Pink Daisy

With petals radiating around a circular disc, the cheerful daisy resembles the sun. Daisies, in general, give off happy and positive vibes along with a sensation of innocence and modest fun. The pink-colored daisy, specifically symbolizes happiness, positivity, female energy, and friendship.


The typical, abundant blooms of the snapdragon can be found in a vast array of colors ranging from pinks, peaches, purples, yellows, blues, and oranges. These unique and wonderful flowers bring great texture and a pop of color to every arrangement. They have numerous symbolic meanings like deviousness, grace, and power.

Purple Iris

The striking shape and colors of the iris ranging from deep purple to a lovely lavender and a bright spot of yellow, this is a flower with a rich historical past representing wisdom, royalty, and valor.

Lotus Flower

The national flower of India, the lotus flower comes white and pink colors. Among one of the most beautiful blooms in the world, the lotus blossom is a gorgeous and exotic flower with rich symbolic meaning. Signifying purity, grace, richness, knowledge, and fertility, the lovely pink color of the lotus blossom makes it one of Mother Nature’s most stunning pastels of all.

Peach Roses

The lovely pastel peach-colored rose is really lovely. A popular bloom in weddings, the soft-hued colors radiate warmth, love, friendship, and elegance. It’s a wonderful addition to any arrangement.


The stunning ranunculus with its paper-thin delicate petals tightly wrapped around each other is a truly incredible flower. Coming in lovely shades of pale pinks, creams, peaches, and magenta, it’s an beautiful floral that symbolizes love, sparkling appeal, and attractiveness.

A mix of pinks, orange and peach in a clear cube

Soft Blooms

A mix of pinks, peaches, and oranges, our Soft Blooms bouquet is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. Also a great gift for Mother’s Day or just because, this is something that will definitely boost someone’s spirits.

Change it up and choose a pastel flower arrangement – you’ll be amazed by how much you love it.

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