Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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How Florists Are Going “Green”

We can all take steps in our daily lives to help the environment. Whether it’s walking or biking instead of driving or turn out lights in a room that’s not occupied. Here at Flowers by Leslie, we do our part to support green initiatives while continuing to deliver the Portsmouth area with stunningly beautiful designs and bouquets made up of quality, fresh flowers.

Growing Plant in Ground

What Is Green Floristry?

Flowers grown by sustainable farmers don’t use harmful pesticides or fertilizers, but rather grow the flowers in a manner that is sustainable – meaning it’s beneficial to the surrounding environment and socio-economic conditions of its location.

Five Signs You’ve Found a Green Florist


1.Uses Recyclable Materials

A renewable florist will invariably attempt to use reusable and recyclable components whenever possible. They strive to reduce waste, stay away from using non-biodegradable florist’s foam, and wrap flowers in paper rather than plastic material.

2. Sources Flowers Locally

Flowers are sourced from local growers to rather than long-distance growers to reduce the impact of delivery from far away.

3. Plans Smart Delivery Routes

Renewable florists layout handy delivery routes to reduce co2 emissions.

4. Lets No Flower Go to Waste

With a sustainable florist, without blossom is wasted. Unused blooms are donated by us to hospitals and nursing homes and compost all remaining plant matter.

5. Promotes Seasonal Flowers

Along with being probably the freshest and best blossoms you are able to locate, seasonal blossoms are additionally most renewable to develop.

Blooming Purple Hyacinth

Things You Could Do to Help


Reuse Your Containers and Vases

You are able to get far more existence from your vases along with other containers by reusing them. At Flowers by Leslie, we are always pleased to refill vases, so we firmly encourage the high-volume commercial clients of ours to do and so, also. When you are hosting a big event, such as a wedding party, with many floral arrangements, we are also great customers to return the surplus of vases they will remain with after.

Give Flowers a Second Life 

You are able to appreciate the floral arrangement of yours, corsage, bouquet, and boutonniere for decades to come by drying out it. You are able to often press or even hang the flowers of yours to dry out before displaying them in the home of yours. In case you would like never to dry out the flowers of yours, next we suggest composting them being utilized as fertilizer. Most plant material is completely compostable. Put them in the own compost bin of yours or even give them away to a community garden.

Shop With a Neighborhood Florist

Among the most crucial issues you are able to do to make sure you create a sustainable floral buy will be to shop locally. Selecting a regional florist reduces the effect of floral delivery as well as guarantees you get a bouquet of probably the freshest, best flowers accessible from the florist you are able to believe in.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

To know more concerning the actions toward sustainability Flowers by Leslie is using, we welcome you to contact us.