Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Between crowded restaurants and making sure you’re staying safe and healthy, there are many reasons people are staying in this Valentine’s Day. If you’re opting to celebrate from the comfort of your home this year, your friends at Flowers by Leslie, a top local florist in Portsmouth, created the ultimate guide for a romantic day. 

Romantic Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

A modern take on a true classic. Red roses and waxflower in a cylinder vase designed low and lush.

Send Beautiful Blooms

You deserve a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers, whether you spoil yourself or receive them from others. Experience some self-love and joy, and send yourself a bouquet, like our “My Modern Valentine” arrangement. Browse our selection of bright blooms and select your favorites. It’s the perfect way to lift your spirits. 

Romantic dinner date with wine and flowers

Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Some argue that the way to your love’s heart is by way of their stomach. If so, this next idea is sure to sweep them off their feet. Work side-by-side as you cook a full meal, including appetizers, soup or salad, main dish, and their most-loved dessert. Have fun in the kitchen together while you prepare a beautiful dinner, then enjoy the deliciousness up to your very last bite.

Two people dancing in living room

Learn to Ballroom Dance

Speak the soul’s hidden language this Valentine’s Day. Together, you and your honey can waltz, tango, or salsa the night away as you listen to romantic music and show off your moves. Search for a ballroom dance class online and rehearse to be the next stars of the dance floor.

Assorted chocolate and pouring red wine into glasses

Pair the Best Wine and Chocolates

 Everyone loves a traditional classic with a modern twist. Create your own wine and chocolate pairing at home this year with your personal favorites. Mix and match different wines and assorted chocolates and enjoy this sweet treat with your Valentine. Set the mood with candles, roses, and romantic music while you hold your tasting.

Brown envelopes with white paper and red hearts

Create Homemade Valentines

Enjoy some peace and quiet or sit close to your sweetheart while you create a masterpiece from a few art supplies. Make unique gifts for family and friends, or spread love throughout your community and send your work to nursing homes and local hospitals. Their faces are sure to light up as they receive your homemade Valentines.

Couple sitting on yoga mats feet to feet

Take a Virtual Yoga Class

No matter if you plan to spend the day with your Valentine or take the day to practice self-love, try a virtual yoga class before the romance begins. Put a pause on the stress of everyday life to bask in wonderful “me time.” As the class ends, notice how thankful, calm, and zen you are. You’ll be ready to share a lot of love with those around you. 

Board game letters for game night

Play Board Games 

Embrace your inner child with your beau as you spend your day getting lost in board games. Imagine you’re seven-years-old again, leaving all your cares behind and only worrying about becoming the champion of these games. Find your favorites like “Monopoly” and “Battleship,” or try playing a hilarious game of “Twister” with your Valentine.

The best thing to do this year is to unplug. Enjoy today’s little moments, no matter if you’re enjoying “me time” or time with your love. As many would suggest, “stop and smell the roses.” There’s plenty here at Flowers by Leslie