Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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How to Plan the Best Romance Month This August and Speak Their Love Language

This August, love is in the air as we celebrate National Romance Awareness Month. An entire month dedicated to those little romantic moments throughout your day, planning sweet dates with your partner, and surprising your loved ones with flowers is right up our alley! Here at Flowers by Leslie, we are always excited to embrace love and celebrate romance with fresh flowers that turn into spectacular floral arrangements and bouquets. In addition to surprising your partner with beautiful blooms, take this opportunity to connect with your significant other, enhance your relationship, and practice speaking their love language.

Ways to Celebrate Romance Month and Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

Nothing is better than feeling seen, heard, and understood by your partner. The best way to show your significant other this kind of love and support is by speaking their love language. In 1992, The 5 Love Languages were introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman as a way for couples to build a deeper connection and strong relationship. These languages are words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, and physical touch. Get familiar with your partner’s love language and take a look below at some romantic ways to connect with your partner during Romance Month. 

Darling and sweet, this arrangement of lilies, roses, hydrangea and callas is perfect for any occasion...Anniversary, Birthday or new baby.


Leave Love Notes – Words of Affirmation

What better way to be reminded that someone loves, appreciates, and thinks about you than finding sweet handwritten notes throughout your day? Tell your partner how much they mean to you by leaving them love notes around the home, like on their morning coffee cup, bathroom mirror, car, or work bag. If you leave a trail of post-it notes that say “I love you,” “Have a good day,” or a drawing that makes them smile or laugh, your significant other is sure to swoon and feel extra special.

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Enjoy a Long Weekend Away – Quality Time

It might feel like you spend every day with your partner, especially if you are married or live together. However, spending time together and spending quality time together can look very different. This August, plan a long weekend getaway for only the two of you without any distractions. Set your phones to “do not disturb” and jet off to a secluded or simply romantic destination.

Go Dancing – Physical Touch

There are countless old and new films that involve the main character dancing with their romantic interest and falling in love while music plays in the background. While this is a popular scene in Hollywood movies, it is also a sweet and marvelous way to physically connect, embrace, move, and groove with your loved one.

Picture showing man giving flowers and present to woman in bed

Send Flowers – Receiving Gifts

Giving your partner a romantic token of your love can be a powerful way to show them how much you admire them. Flowers are a timeless gift as each bloom can dictate a unique and sentimental meaning through the language of flowers. For instance, you may be familiar with red roses’ symbolism; love, passion, and romance. Carnations, orchids, alstroemeria, violets, lilacs, sunflowers, and daisies also carry magnificent symbolism connected to romance, love, luxury, devotion, adoration, affection, and new beginnings.

Tackle the Chores Together – Acts of Service

Everyone loves coming home to a clean home or realizing their household to-do list is much smaller than they thought. Give your partner a hand and tackle the chores together while listening to your favorite music and enjoying each other’s company and laughter. You can also surprise them with a clean home to show how much you love, appreciate, and respect everything they do.

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Plan a Weekly Dinner Date – All Five Love Languages

Planning a weekly dinner with your sweetheart can allow you to speak all love languages at once. Cook them their favorite meal or make a reservation at their favorite restaurant. Bring flowers to act as both a gift and a lovely centerpiece. Hold hands as you chat, make plans for the future, reminisce on your past adventures, and remind them of everything you love about them.

This Romance Month, say “I love you” and so much more with a fresh bouquet of blooms for your partner from Flowers by Leslie. From date nights out to cozy nights in and everyday romantic gestures in between, flowers can remain a beautiful, fragrant, and symbolic reminder of the passion and happiness you share.