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Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Decorate Your House with These Top Five Winter Plants

Other than evergreens, not many plants can survive the winter outside in Portsmouth. Thanks to indoor plants and plants that bloom in the winter, you don’t have to suffer through the season in an all-white snowy blur. At Flowers by Leslie, our florists put together a list of our favorite blooming and non-blooming indoor plants for winter.

A premium double bloom amaryllis dressed up in a festive planter with pine cones and a bow

1. Amaryllis

These beauties feature clusters of large, bright-red flowers atop green stalks. Once an amaryllis bulb has been planted, it should flower about six to eight weeks later. Its clockwork bulb and festively colored flowers make the amaryllis a perfect choice for holiday decorating and gifting.

A cousin of the lily, the amaryllis plant is both beautiful and poisonous. Their toxins are not quite as potent as those of lilies, but they can cause harm to dogs, cats, and humans. Be sure to display your amaryllis plant in a place where household pets and small children won’t be able to reach it.

Small Norfolk Pine in Pot

2. Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island pines are like little, potted Christmas trees with almost fuzzy needles that you can enjoy all year long. They’re a seasonal favorite, even though they’re dormant throughout the winter months. They prefer locations with lots of filtered, natural light and regular watering. If you decide to move yours around the house, do so gradually, as drastic changes, such as the distance from a heating or cooling vent, can put lots of stress on these pretty evergreens.

Cypress Tree

3. Cypress Trees

Cypress trees are another great way to enjoy the look of a Christmas tree without chopping one down or purchasing a synthetic tree. The cypress is a deciduous conifer with feathery-looking needles. They’re beautiful potted indoors and should also survive transplanting in the outdoors come spring.

Christmas Cactus with pink and red flowers

4. Christmas Cactus

We absolutely Christmas cactuses! They feature pretty, tube-shaped flowers that come in reds, pinks, oranges, and white. They bloom in response to the length of the days, which means yours will reliably bloom every year at Christmastime, as long as you take good care of it. A cactus that’s actually native to the humid forests of Brazil, Christmas cactuses don’t tolerate drought as well as their desert-dwelling plant cousins. To make sure yours stays healthy, display it in a location that receives plenty of sunlight, pot in well-draining soil, and water it regularly without ever allowing it to sit in standing water.

Another great thing about Christmas cacti is that they’re one of the very few plants which are not poisonous for cats, dogs, or humans. Ingesting any part of a Christmas cactus will likely cause an upset stomach, but it’s not going to do any real damage, which makes them a safe choice for households with pets and small children.

White Poinsettia

5. Poinsettia

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without potted poinsettias. While red and white poinsettia varieties are the most popular, they also come in funky colors like orange, yellow, salmon, and hot pink, which can make for surprisingly delightful holiday decor. Many people mistake the poinsettia’s brightly colored leaves (bracts) for the plant’s flowers, but poinsettia flowers are actually the small yellow clusters found in the middle of the bracts.

To keep your poinsettia healthy and vibrant throughout the season, place it in a location that receives lots of indirect sunlight. Poinsettias like to have moist soil, but they don’t like to be soggy. Don’t let yours rest in standing water.

Breathe Well with These Indoor Air-Purifying Plants

In the winter, when doors and windows are kept tightly closed, indoor air pollution can become a problem. Thankfully, there’s a simple and attractive way to freshen the air inside your home, without letting the heat out of your house — plants! Deck your house out with spider plants, snake plants, dragon trees, English ivy, and bamboo palms to breathe fresh and clean air all winter long.

For more information on the best indoor plants for winter in Portsmouth, we welcome you to contact Flowers by Leslie for personalized assistance and recommendations from our expert florists.