Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Brilliant Botanicals That Are Safe For Pets

Plant parents, flower enthusiasts, and pet parents are often searching for the perfect greenery and best blooms that are safe for our furry friends. While there are numerous types of botanicals that can be harmful to pets, there are also countless types that are safe for cats and dogs. To help make your quest for pet-friendly plants and flowers easier, your friends here at Flowers by Leslie, the top florist in Portsmouth, have rounded up some of our favorites. Find peace and comfort in knowing that these botanicals can create a healthy environment for not just your fur babies, but you and your family as well. Nothing beats the air purifying and mood-boosting properties of picture-perfect blooms.

Safe Plants & Flowers for Pets

Bird’s Nest Fern

This variety of fern has long fronds that are light green and typically have crinkled or wavy edges. The leaves rise from a central rosette and can grow as large as two feet long. Bird’s Nest ferns are safe for pets and thrive in warm, humid environments such as a bathroom.

Watermelon Peperomia

The Peperomia species of plants include a lot of varieties with decorative leaves, but the Watermelon Peperomia type has one of the most striking patterns on their leaves which resemble the outside of a watermelon. Choose this one or another variety as Peperomia plants are safe for pets.

Friendship Plant

Impress your friends with this pet-friendly plant that has colorful, quilt-like decorative leaves. Friendship plants prefer warm temperatures, humidity, and only a few hours a day of sunlight to thrive.


In terms of classic flowers, roses are sure to remain a popular go-to bloom, whether you gift a bouquet of roses to a partner or friend or bring an elegant and lovely bunch home yourself. Pets and roses can also safely coexist in the same home, as long as the thorns found on a rose’s stem are fully removed. In the event Fido decides to sneak a taste from the romantic symbol of love, rest assured he will be just fine.


While they whimsical cascade from hanging pots or window boxes, petunias are a breath of fresh air and a sweet hint of color. Safe for your cats and dogs who cannot resist their unique trumpet-shaped petals, petunias are popular spring and summer blooms for both inside your home or out in the garden. These flowers also make for a great hostess or housewarming gift.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Plants & Flowers

To protect your pets from harmful plants, stick the ones listed above that are safe for pets. Besides this, the best course of action is to keep your plants in a screened or cordoned-off area of your home. Even if a plant isn’t toxic to Fido or Fluffins, you still want to protect the plant from your furry friends, too. Hang them high in a planter, place them on top of bookshelves, or in a place that is out of reach to playful paws and over-enthusiastic puppies.