Mardi Gras

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Order flowers online for your Mardi Gras celebration! Flowers by Leslie is honored to offer a selection of gorgeous arrangements for the occasion. Same-day delivery is available.

Sending Mardi Gras flowers and gifts from Flowers by Leslie in Portsmouth, NH, is a festive and colorful way to celebrate this vibrant holiday. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is known for its exuberant parades, lively music, and bright colors, typically featuring purple, green, and gold. These colors symbolize justice, faith, and power and are integral to the Mardi Gras tradition.

Flowers by Leslie embraces the spirit of Mardi Gras by crafting floral arrangements that reflect the holiday's vivacious palette and energy. Imagine bouquets bursting with purple irises, green hydrangeas, and golden sunflowers or roses arranged to capture the joy and excitement of the carnival. These floral creations make superb decorations for Mardi Gras parties or thoughtful gifts for hosts or loved ones celebrating the occasion. In addition to floral arrangements, Flowers by Leslie might offer themed gift baskets filled with treats and Mardi Gras paraphernalia such as beads, masks, and festive baubles. These gifts enhance the celebration and serve as a delightful reminder of the fun and frolic associated with Mardi Gras, making them perfect for spreading the holiday cheer.

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