Green Plants

Low-maintenance, lush green plants of all varieties.

Favorites in Green Plants

Flowers by Leslie carries ficus plants, peace lily plants, snake plants, and so many more green plant varieties! Order a low-maintenance plant for the home, office, or as a gift. Same-day delivery is available to Portsmouth, Hampton, Kittery, Dover, and cities nationwide. 

Sending green plants from Flowers by Leslie in Portsmouth, NH is a thoughtful way to enhance any environment. They provide a touch of nature that offers both aesthetic and health benefits. Green plants beautify indoor spaces with their lush foliage and improve air quality by absorbing toxins and emitting oxygen, creating a healthier living or working environment.

Green plants are an excellent gift for occasions such as housewarmings, birthdays, office openings, or simply as a gesture of care. The longevity of green plants makes them a lasting reminder of the sender's thoughtfulness, continuing to grow and thrive with minimal care. Popular choices include peace lilies, which are known for their ability to filter indoor air, and snake plants, which are celebrated for their low-maintenance nature and resilience. Flowers by Leslie offers a range of green plants that can suit any taste or space, from small desktop plants perfect for office environments to larger, more dramatic plants that can serve as focal points in home decor. Each plant comes with care instructions tailored to its specific needs, making it easy for recipients to enjoy their greenery for years. Opting for a green plant from Flowers by Leslie is more than just sending a gift; it's a way to bring a piece of nature indoors, enhancing the recipient's daily life with greenery and growth.

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