Deep Purples

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Flowers by Leslie offers a wide selection of funeral service flowers in deep purple shades. Browse our collection here. 

The Deep Purples Sympathy Floral Collection from Flowers by Leslie is a dignified and striking choice for conveying condolences. Imbued with the depth and serenity of rich purple hues, this sophisticated floral arrangement speaks volumes of respect and admiration, making it an ideal tribute during times of mourning.

The collection prominently features an array of purple flowers, such as irises, which symbolize wisdom and compliments; lush lisianthus, representing appreciation and lasting bonds; and majestic calla lilies, which denote regal beauty and are often associated with the resurrection. These are typically complemented by deep purple hydrangeas, adding a fullness and texture that enriches the overall design. The dark, soothing palette of purple reflects a sense of majesty and spirituality and conveys a message of deep sympathy and thoughtfulness. The color evokes dignity and pride, offering comfort and reflection to those experiencing loss. Perfect for a funeral service, memorial, or a thoughtful gesture to the bereaved's home, the Deep Purples Sympathy Floral Collection is crafted to be a profound expression of compassion and remembrance. Its enduring beauty and elegant presence provide a comforting reminder of everlasting affection and the cherished memories of the departed.

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