Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Express your love from afar with more than a sweet text message. It’s time to turn up the romance! Our team at Flowers by Leslie put together a list of romantic gifts to send to your Valentine. From grand gestures to simple tokens of love they can use every day, your long-distance sweetheart will feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Seven Ways To Express Your Love To Your Long-Distance Partner

Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Brighten your long-distance romance with this sweet gift. Long-Distance Touch Lamps are the perfect accessories to instantly send messages to your love. Let them know you’re thinking of them the instant they pop into your head with a simple tap of your lamp. As their lamp will simultaneously glow, so will their face. It’s the perfect way to communicate when you need to unplug.

Scented Candles

Scented candles can be the most thoughtful gift for that special someone. Take them back to a romantic moment or great adventure, or remind them of their loved ones, as certain fragrances are attached to memories. Make it even more meaningful with a personal label, such as a cherished photo or love note. They’ll be sure to feel cozy and loved all winter.

Electric Foot or Neck Massager

An aching heart, tired feet, or stiff neck are easy to fix when you’re sitting next to your sweetheart. However, long-distance can sometimes make you feel helpless. Send your partner their very own electric foot or neck massager. It’s a romantic gesture for you to help ease their pain from a distance. Even if they physically feel great, they’ll love this thoughtful gift and enjoy some R&R at home.

Personalized Puzzle

Your significant other will love reminiscing on special moments while putting together a unique jigsaw puzzle. It’s also the perfect way for them to focus on something other than missing you while you’re apart. Make it romantic by selecting precious photos of the two of you and remind them you’ll be together again soon.

Custom Mug

Your Valentine will feel all warm inside as they sip their hot morning beverage from a custom mug. Personalize one that reminds you of them, or get creative with your own creation from a favorite photo or song you love to sing together. You can also add a special note to the mug so they can read it each and every morning, or whenever they’re looking for a little more warmth.

A gift basket including a medium sized flower arrangement, an 8oz Tatine candle, chocolate caramels and gorgeous note cards from Rossi

Flower Gift Box

Our Flower Gift Box is the best way to brighten your loved one’s day. Along with brilliant, beautiful blooms, this box also contains an elegant candle, mouthwatering chocolate caramels, and a sweet notecard. If you’re not sure what says, “I love you” best, this box has it all.

A dozen gorgeous red roses are the perfect romantic gift to send to the one who's always on your mind and in your heart

Long-Stemmed Red Roses

When in doubt, classic red roses are our favorite Valentine’s Day surprise. Send your sweetheart a full gorgeous arrangement of long-stemmed red roses that symbolize love and romance. They’ll love the way these romantic blooms fill their home with joy.

While there are so many ways to express your love and admiration, there’s something special about choosing the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Here at Flowers by Leslie, we love being a part of your precious moments.