Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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Ditch the Ordinary: Exceptional Father’s Day Gifts for the Extraordinary Dad

It’s almost that time to celebrate the legends we call dads, granddads, stepdads, uncles, and those awesome father figures we couldn’t imagine life without. If you’re over the usual gifts plastered with “world’s best dad,” you’re not alone. But hunting for something that truly stands out and still says “thanks for being amazing” can feel like the ultimate puzzle. Luckily, you found us! At Flowers by Leslie, the best florist in Portsmouth, we’ve got you. Our expert gifters have curated a perfect list of surprises for a variety of dads, so you can find one that’s the right amount of thoughtful, fun, and personal — just for him.

Plants For the Plant Dad (Of Course!)

When your dad’s ideal Friday involves diving into the world of potting and pruning, and his leafy pals have their own names, you’re definitely in the realm of the Plant Dad. This Father’s Day, add to his botanical paradise with some new, quirky plant finds. From the intriguing twists of air plants to the durable beauty of ZZ plants, gifting green is the perfect way to show your love.

Something Sweet For the Fishing Dad

Picture your dad in his element, by a serene lake at the break of dawn–pure bliss! But when he already has all the gear a fisherman could dream of (and then some), it’s time to cast a wider net for something that’s as unique as his fishing tales. You can’t go wrong with tasty treats between bites on the line, or even a handcrafted candle to clear the air after the day’s haul. Trust us, that’s the kind of thoughtful that’ll win you the title “best kid ever!”

Gourmet Gifts for The Grill Dad

For the dad who lives by the grill and BBQs like a legend, it’s time to turn up the heat. A gourmet gift basket is exactly what he needs to get those flames going! Filled with gourmet goods or artisanal sauces, premium rubs and seasonings, exotic wood chips for that signature smoke, and his favorite BBQ beverage, this gift is literally chef’s kisses.

Epic Stems For the Video Game Dad

We know what you’re thinking — the latest release of his favorite video game? That’s cool, but what if you forge an alliance with a creative florist (hint, hint) to assemble a bouquet that mirrors the excitement and adventure of his favorite gaming universe. From the realms of Star Wars to the competitive pitches of FIFA, each stem and petal will represent the essence of those epic battles and victories. This bespoke arrangement will seriously level up the Father’s Day gifting game, proving that real-world flora can be just as thrilling as digital conquests.

Quality Time For the Honorary Dad

He might not have passed down his genes, but he’s given you something way cooler — endless memories and unwavering support. This Father’s Day, do something unique for your honorary dad — book a DIY flower arranging class! Imagine the two of you, amid a riot of colors and scents, learning, laughing, sharing favorite memories and making new ones. It’s a fresh and fabulous way to say, “Thanks for being there for me” all these years.

This Father’s Day, go beyond the traditional with an unparalleled gift from Flowers by Leslie that celebrates his irreplaceable vibe.

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