Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

Flowers by Leslie - Portsmouth, NH

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Birthday Blooms

A colorful flower arrangement is one of our favorite ways to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. With a variety of fresh blooms to help uplift, energize, and show your love you can never go wrong with a multicolored bouquet. It is the perfect addition to the dinner table as a lovely centerpiece or by their cake with a fun balloon and birthday card attached. Here at Flower by Leslie, the top florist delivering to Portsmouth and the Seacoast region, we know there are numerous flowers to choose from to create the best birthday bouquet, and it can get a little overwhelming. Therefore, we have created the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect colorful birthday blooms, just in case you don’t know their favorites.

Favorite Birthday Flowers


A dozen colorful roses nestled in hydrangea in a leaf lined cube. Available in pink, lavender, yellow, orange, peach and multi-colored.

Ecuadorian Roses


As a representation of love and blooming in a fantastic array of colors, roses are a beautiful addition to any birthday bouquet for a family member, close friend, or significant other. Select white roses as a symbol of purity and innocence, pink roses as a symbol of appreciation, admiration, and happiness, or yellow roses as a symbol of friendship. You can also celebrate their birthday with an uplifting, vibrant, and meaningful bouquet composed of the ultimate colorful collection of roses.

Bursting with locally grown tulips and lisianthus, this bright cube will sure make any recipient smile. Great for birthday, get well or just because.

Summer Wind


Tulips are a common springtime bloom symbolizing rebirth as well as affection and longevity. As a hardy flower that is easy to care for, tulips will last for days and offer the birthday girl or boy more smiles with their cheerful colors. Tulips can seamlessly pair perfectly with almost any flower, making it a subtle yet lovely enhancement to a birthday bouquet filled with their favorite flowers. Tulips can be found in shades of pink, yellow, white, red, and orange, and represent cheer, happiness, elegance, and passion.

A cute cube of bright sunflowers

Sunflower Cube


Sunflowers are one of the most recognizable flowers and overflow with positivity. Certain to brighten up anyone’s day, sunflowers bring a considerable amount of optimism, peace, inspiration, longevity, love, joy, and happiness anywhere they are displayed. These fragrant rays of sunshine are a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday with warmth and merriment.

A playful mix of gerbera daisies bursting with color.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

In addition to their bold and stunning appearances, the appeal of gerbera daisies comes from their colorful vibrant hues, charming symbolism, and enchanting fragrances. These blooms represent cheerfulness, joy, happiness, and beauty and can thrive in a vase of fresh water for weeks. As the world’s fifth most popular bloom, gerbera daisies make for the perfect gift for a variety of special occasions and celebrations, especially birthdays.

A luxurious arrangement filled with hydrangea, roses, cymbidium orchids and calla lilies.

Garden Beauty

Birth Flowers

Just like a birthstone, each month is connected to a specific flower or two, known as a birth flower. If you are having a hard time figuring out which blooms are best for a loved one’s birthday, take a look below and see if their birth flower would be a good choice.

January – Snowdrop and Carnations

February – Primrose and Violet

March – Jonquil and Daffodil

April – Sweet Pea and Daisy

May – Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

June – Honeysuckle and Rose

July – Water Lily and Larkspur

August – Poppy and Gladiolus

September – Morning Glory and Aster

October – Cosmos and Marigold

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Holly and Narcissus

Birthday blooms are a fantastic, fun, and mood-boosting way to celebrate anyone’s birthday. Picking out the perfect birthday bouquet for your friends, family, or significant other is an exciting task that is fueled by their personality, favorite colors, and seasonality. Find long-lasting flowers with wonderful aromas, meaningful symbolism, and vibrant hues here at Flowers by Leslie.